How to dominate as a small business!


The Blog   •   June 9, 2017

Small Business owners take huge risks to be successful. Building a brand and a successful business is an extremely difficult task that takes blood, sweat and tears (quite often literally). To have effective marketing and to compete with larger businesses does not require a huge budget or an entire marketing team. Leave the expensive marketing, design and PR teams for large businesses and companies.

Here are some great tips to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Be Small, Be Personalised

You’re small, you’re local, you’re there. Unlike large businesses and companies you have an unfair advantage, and it doesn’t come in the form of huge marketing budget. Each and every small business has the ability to connect with potential customers on a more personalised level. Take advantage of the fact that you are a local to your community and forget world domination.

Build brand awareness and community engagement by developing content about yourself. Using blogs, videos, social media and local newspapers, magazines or online websites to publish an articles on your business.

Unlike larger businesses and companies you can more effectively connect on with your clients and make promises that go beyond larger groups. By being able to do the small things right and deliver your services in a more personalised way you will be guaranteed to make some lifelong clients!

 Be Different, Be Unique

This is our favourite approach to marketing! After all effective marketing is about standing out from the crowd, creating interest and converting that interest to sales. Often the hardest part of marketing is the standing out from the crowd, but this is where you can really make a difference. Be striking with your content, show something that no one else in the industry uses, sit down, brainstorm and remember no idea is too ridiculous.

Capture your work in the local area to build familiarisation and a local customer base rather than generic content that blends in with the competition. Use your social media regularly to make direct contact and follow up leads without delay.

Be Focused

Why do you do what you do? Seems like a very easy question to answer right? We often find that this answer ends up being completely different from what previous marketing campaigns have looked like!

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a very real experience in marketing and a great tool that can be used to capture clients. Remain focused and showcase your passion or reasoning behind what you do. This creates a real sense of FOMO with potential clients and will help build leads faster than any other digital approach.

Remember to gain extra knowledge and work with the professionals. Running your business is often more than a full-time job and you can hardly be expected to spend more time on creating and adapting effective marketing campaigns. BARBWIRED don’t just manage marketing campaigns, we work with businesses to find solutions to online marketing. Our approach is all inclusive! Clients benefit from a full range of professional web design, branding, and photography services which come together to convert leads to sales!