The Blog   •   May 2, 2017


Welcome to Barb Wired web design, development and services. We have recently taken our years of experience and freelance work and decided to create an online profile. This has been part of our process to transition into full-time web design, branding, and development team. It seems that our work impresses our clients and by word of mouth we have have to adapt to keep on top of our growing business.

What happens now?

We are more focused than ever! The Barb Wired team can now dedicate more time and resources to ensure that your projects get delivered even faster but with the same quality and features you have come to expect!

Join us on our journey and learn a thing or two a long the way by subscribing to our blog and learning all about:

  • Website design

  • Development

  • Marketing

  • Security

  • Photography

  • and more!

Focus on The User

Our focus has not changed, we still follow the same design and development processes that have made this possible! Our focus remains on our customers and there users, this will never change. After all why change the secret recipe of success.